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It all started in 1949/50 with what is today the ILM (International Leather Goods Fair), which is still a firm part of the Messe Offenbach event calendar and is held twice a year. Today, the grounds of Messe Offenbach host numerous trade fairs and events every year.

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The city of Offenbach

In the heart of the Rhine-Main region

The Rhine-Main metropolitan region is among Germany’s economic powerhouses. Around 2.5 million people live in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area alone, and the international, colourful and cosmopolitan city of Offenbach is right in the middle. Event organisers, exhibitors and visitors particularly appreciate its special, modern and creative flair. The multi-faceted nature of Offenbach makes it a truly cosmopolitan host for numerous trade fairs and events.

Whether you plan to travel by car, plane or using public transport, the short distances involved are a characteristic feature of Offenbach as a trade fair location. Many international hotels are within walking distance. The restaurants in Nordend and the newly designed harbour district are close by, and the thrilling Frankfurt city life is just on the other side of the river Main.

Directions and parking

Perfect infrastructure

You can reach Messe Offenbach quickly and easily thanks to its central location. When travelling via the A3, A5 and A661 motorways, the Kaiserlei exit (A661) will take you directly to the trade fair centre.

From Frankfurt Airport, the local train lines (S-Bahn) S8 and S9 towards Hanau will take you directly to Offenbach in just 28 minutes. Messe Offenbach is then just a few minutes on foot from the “Marktplatz” stop. You can also benefit from a perfectly integrated rail and public transport network thanks to the proximity to Frankfurt’s main railway station.

The distances to the exhibitor and visitor car parks on the Main banks (P1) and on Nordring (P2) are even shorter; these can be reached in a few minutes on foot or by shuttle bus.

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The world as Offenbach’s guest since 1949

Twice a year, internally renowned brands present their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections at the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM). As the world’s leading specialist trade fair for leather goods, travel items, bag fashion and accessories, the ILM is the meeting point for the entire sector.

To the ILM

We are Messe Offenbach – and we’re here to help!

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